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Thomas Middlecott Academy

Thomas Middlecott Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of each and every student, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and through their talents outside the classroom.

Transition for Year 6 students

Our Transition Days for Year 6 students starting in September 

Monday, 11th July and Tuesday, 12th July 8:45AM-3PM

Your child will receive an information pack before these dates either through a direct primary school visit by our Transition Coordinator and Senior Assistant Principal, Mrs Gates, or to your child in the post.  All details about the Transition Days can be found in the pack. 

Transition process

The transition between primary school and secondary school can be daunting for young people and their parents. At Thomas Middlecott Academy we do all that we can to make this process smooth by getting to know each student as well as possible during the weeks before term begins in September. From the student's first visit to their induction days in July we stay in touch and can help with any issues, questions or worries that the child or parent has. We visit the young people directly in their primary school and speak to their teachers, we look at their work and really get a picture of what we can do to make the students feel that moving on to secondary school is part of a continuation of their education rather than a completely new set of experiences and challenges.

Tutor Grouping

Students are placed into a year 7 tutor group, each tutor group is attached to one of the four houses- Fen, Holland, Lincoln, and Pilgrim.  This year we have 5 Year 7 tutor groups.  All Year 7 Form Tutors take responsibility for their students and are the first port of call between home and school; they are the person who will have daily contact with students and set the standard for the day ahead in partnership with parents. They will aim to ensure all students are fully prepared to learn and progress within the academy.  Students will be told during the transition days which house they will be in.  They can then purchase their house tie at a cost of £5 for starting in September. 

Fen House

 In Fen House, students wear a blue and black striped tie. 

Holland House

 In Holland House, students wear red and black striped tie. 

Pilgrim House

 In Pilgrim House, students wear a yellow and black striped tie. 

Lincoln House

 In Lincoln House, students wear a green and black striped tie. 

Our Transition Process

  • Year 6 into 7 transition team visit Primary schools (where this is not possible, for example, where students live out of the catchment area, an information pack is sent directly to the home.)
  • An information pack with all details given to every child joining us.  This will be given out during the Primary school visit. 
  • Transition evening for parents- July 12th 5:30PM- 6:30PM.
  • Transition days Monday, 11th and Tuesday, 12th July. 8:45AM-3PM
  • Summer holiday preparation tasks
  • Year 7 Form Tutors and Key workers
  • Settling In Parents’ Evening in September
  • Year 7 Progress Parents’ Evening in May 2023

Transition Days- Monday, 11th July and Tuesday, 12th July 8:45AM-3PM

Students need to come to school in their normal Primary school uniform and wear trainers for the 2 days.  They will also need to bring their own pen. Students should be brought to the school by parents/carers and arrive at 8:45AM at the front of the school where they will be greeted by staff to take them in.  

Students will need to bring their own lunch, snacks and water to drink.  Those students who are in receipt of Free School Meals will receive a packed lunch over the two days.  We also have water coolers where water bottles can be replenished throughout the day. 

During the days, your child will experience Year 7 academic lessons in English, maths, science, music, French, History and PE.  They will also experience assemblies and learn more about the TMA Way.  We will practice routines, how we greet staff and each other, and how we socialise during breaks and lunchtimes. 

The day will finish at 3PM and students will need to be met by parents/carers at the front of the school.  We will not allow any student to leave without a parent/carer unless this has been discussed prior.  If you want your child to walk to school unaccompanied, you must inform us at the school before-hand. 

Where to buy Uniform and PE Kit

PE Kit can be purchased at www.pbuniform-online/thomasmiddlecott




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