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Thomas Middlecott Academy

Thomas Middlecott Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of each and every student, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and through their talents outside the classroom.


Special educational needs and disability (SEND)

Thomas Middlecott Academy is committed to ensuring that all learners have access to a curriculum which enables them to make significant progress in their knowledge, understanding and skills. We are ambitious for every child no matter their prior attainment, backgrounds or individual needs. We offer a nurturing environment in which all children are encouraged and given the tools to achieve their goals.  

We fully support inclusion for all of students, ensuring and promoting their life throughout the entire Academy community. We believe that by working in partnership with students, staff, parents and external agencies we are able to offer a fully inclusive, supportive and aspirational journey for our learners.  


What we do

We provide support for students who have additional learning needs relating to categories of SEND defined in the SEN Code of Practice document as: 

  •     Cognition and learning difficulties 
  •     Communication and Interaction difficulties 
  •     Sensory and physical difficulties 
  •     Social, emotional and mental health difficulties 

Students requiring additional learning support have access to a range of intervention groups before school and during the school day. Teaching Assistants are timetabled throughout the day to support students with EHCPs and also for targeted interventions where SEND students are not secondary ready or/and need support to realise their potential/remove barriers to learning. 

Interventions which we offer include:  

  •     English – including RWI Fresh Start  
  •     Maths  
  •     Reading Comprehension and Phonics 
  •     Entry Level Certificates (sat in conjunction with GCSE’s) 
  •     IDLS
  •     Lego Therapy 
  •     Social Skills Groups 
  •     Hub Lunchtime and Breaktime Provisions 
  •     EAL Specialist Teacher 
  •     Speech and Language 
  •     Accelerated Reader 


We work closely with a range of external professionals and agencies to support learners. These include:  

  •     SALT 
  •     Educational Psychologist  
  •     Paediatricians  
  •     GPs 
  •     Occupational Therapy  
  •     CAMHS 
  •     MHST 
  •     Working Together Team  
  •     Local Authority SEN/ Inclusion Team 


How does the school know if the children need extra help and what should parents do if they think their child may have special educational needs?

Thomas Middlecott Academy identifies students who may have special educational needs through consultation and concerns raised by teachers, parents and the students themselves. This may be when they are not making progress despite the support/ interventions being given. 

If parents are concerned that their child may have SEN needs, they can arrange an appointment to speak with the SEND team or contact the Year Group Manager for their child’s year.  


Local offer

For more information regarding the SEND Local Offer please visit:  

SEND Local Offer – Lincolnshire County Council 


Assistant SENDCo: Miss Keeley Robinson
Contact Email: 

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