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Thomas Middlecott Academy

Thomas Middlecott Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of each and every student, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and through their talents outside the classroom.

Donating to the Urban Foundations Outreach Project

During such an tumultuous time, it is fantastic that we can still help to support the local communities around us in many more ways than the daily education of our students. During this time of closure here at TMA, as with many schools up and down the country, we've had to make various changes and adaptations to our daily functions. The school canteen is one of those, central to providing food during the course of a "normal" school day. But what to do when there's no children in the school to eat the food? 


There are still students, families and people in the local area, again the same can be said nationally, who are understandably struggling to eat at this time. We were lucky enough to be able to donate the surplus items from the canteen to a local Outreach Project- The Urban Foundations Outreach Project. They have been working in the Boston and surrounding areas for the last two years.

During this time they have been reaching out to communities in need. These include a mixture of families, individuals, as well as people who have found themselves homeless. Urban Foundations Outreach Project, founded by Lee Bowman, provides support- as well as food- to people and communities in need. This has most definitely been the case within the last few weeks, as more people find themselves in situations which are completely out of their control. As such, it has been amazing to be able to remain a supporting part of the local community, by donating to the UFOP and ensuring no resources are wasted and can be used where they are most needed.