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Thomas Middlecott Academy

Thomas Middlecott Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of each and every student, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and through their talents outside the classroom.


Every student at Thomas Middlecott Academy is a member of a house.

We have four houses, each named after an area of Lincolnshire; Lincoln, Holland, Pilgrim and Fen.

Students have the opportunity to be a part of the positive, competitive ethos we are embedding throughout the school.

By being a member of the House family, students and staff are encouraged to show team spirit and thrive on the school ethos: “An ambitious, caring and resilient community of learners.”

With regular assemblies and competitions taking place, barriers between year groups are broken down and a sense of togetherness is created. This encourages the older students to support the younger members of the house.

Each term will see a new set of competitions that students can get involved in. Whether they are sporty, academic, male or female, KS3 or KS4, there will be an opportunity for students to represent their House.

Each House will compete throughout the year to win the prestigious House Cup. Individual competition prizes will also be awarded to students who are a part of the winning team in each competition. However, winning is not everything, as each House will be awarded points for entering teams in competitions.