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Thomas Middlecott Academy

Thomas Middlecott Academy seeks to broaden the horizons of each and every student, helping them to achieve at the highest level both academically and through their talents outside the classroom.


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Key Dates

  • 29 Jun 2022
    JCQ Contingency Day
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  • 25 Aug 2022
    GCSE Results day
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Sitting Exams at TMA

Mock exams at TMA are run as closely to the JCQ regulations as is operationally possible, to enable candidates to become familiar and comfortable with the rules.

Mock exams are held during the Summer Term of Year 10, and during the Autumn and Spring Terms of Year 11.

The main Summer exam season runs from Mid May to Mid June each year, with a JCQ Contingency Day at the end of June. Candidates must be available to attend exams up to and including the Contingency Day, even if they do not have a  timetabled exam. Some qualifications, for example some Btecs, have external exams at other times of the year including in Year 10.

The date of the Contingency Day will be made available to candidates and families at the start of Year 11.

A personalised timetable will be given to candidates and made available to parents on MCAS from February half term of Year 11.

Exam Results and Certificates

The date of the GCSE (and equivalent qualifications) results day will be shared with candidates and families during the Autumn Term of Year 11.

Exam results may only be collected by the candidate in person, unless prior arrangement has been made with the Exam Officer or  Head of Centre. Exam Results will not be given to a third party, posted or emailed without prior consent.

If a candidate is unable to collect their results in person on Results Day, they should make alternative arrangements with the Exam Officer or Head of Centre before the end of the Summer term, where possible.

GCSE (and equivalent qualifications) certificates are usually issued to the school during November. A Presentation Evening will be held during the Autumn Term, subject to Covid restrictions and risk assessment.

Certificates may also only be collected by the candidate in person unless prior arrangement has been made with the Exam Officer or Head of Centre. Certificates will not be given to a third party or posted to the candidate without prior consent as detailed above.

Alternative arrangements should be requested on