Thomas Middlecott
Thomas Middlecott@TMAkirton

About Us

We believe that every person is of equal value and has the responsibility to respect others and the right to be respected.

At Thomas Middlecott we:

  • Firmly believe that every child truly matters
  • Value the right to teach and the right to learn in a caring and cared for environment
  • Believe that everyone in the school community are partners and we value their contribution to the success of our school
  • Understand that it is our responsibility to prepare our students to face challenge and exploit opportunity
  • Are committed to work as a team, we believe that the benefits of a team approach are greater than the sum of the individual parts
  • Value success, achievement and effort and believe they should be celebrated and rewarded

We aim to:  

  • Provide high quality teaching and learning
  • Offer a learning environment, rich in resources, and offer an innovative curriculum appropriate to the needs of our school and wider community
  • Equip young people and our community with the knowledge, skills and understanding to succeed in a rapidly changing world
  • Focus relentlessly on standards of attainment and achievement
  • Foster strong partnerships and be central to the life of the community
  • Promote leadership skills at all levels in the school
  • Raise confidence and self-esteem through a commitment to the development of the individual