Thomas Middlecott Academy sets platform for success

Happy students were the order of the day at Thomas Middlecott Academy when GCSE results were opened today.
David Yates, Executive Principal, said that there was a great deal that the academy should be proud of.
“Overall our results are broadly similar to last year.
“While on the surface this is not what we hoped for against key government metrics, there are a lot of underlying stories that show that progress is being made.
“Over half of students passed English or maths. There were over 50 A* and A grades, we had some popular subjects that performed incredibly well, with over 85% of students getting a C or above.
“On top of that, over the last year the progress that our students made significantly strengthened. This means that the students who just missed out on a C grade in key subjects are in a much stronger position than they were at the start of the year to achieve and exceed in their futures.
“It has been an incredible journey to get to this point. Staff at Thomas Middlecott have worked tirelessly over the last 12 months, embracing the challenges that have been set and all that has been achieved sets the academy up for a very successful future.
“The students, and their families, also deserve a huge amount of praise and recognition. Since I have been at the academy, I have been overwhelmed by students' desire to learn and succeed. Between them they have attended hundreds of hours of revision sessions, both before and after school as well as during the holidays, and they have pushed themselves harder than has ever been expected before.”
Among the smiling students was Estelle Wiles. She said: “Revision was taking up my life, I think I went to every extra revision session that the academy put on. The exams are tough, but with lots of effort I got some results that I am really pleased with."
Wendy Marshall, Chief Executive of the David Ross Education Trust, said: “The journey that Thomas Middlecott is on is very similar to that we have seen at our other more rural secondary schools. Barnes Wallis Academy, for example, who joined the Trust in 2014, saw a similar set of results last year – but this year are among the most improved schools in the country.
“Like Barnes Wallis, Thomas Middlecott has a very supportive community, dedicated teachers and a strong set of students with a desire to learn.
“We have never shyed away from the challenges that we knew we would have to overcome when we started to work with the school in the summer of 2015. Together we can make this a school that every member of the community should be rightly proud of."