Parliamentary tours for Thomas Middlecott students

As part of their citizenship course, Year 11 students from Thomas Middlecott Academy recently spent the day at the Houses of Parliament.

Students had the opportunity to find out more about the democratic process, lobbying and significant bills that have been passed during the history of Parliament.

The group also took part in workshops about the process of making laws, watched Parliament in session and met their local MP Matt Warman to discuss local campaign issues.

One student commented: “It was a really interesting day, we learnt so much about the history of Parliament and being able to go into the House of Lords really improved our understanding of the government and politics.”

Simon Northcott, Director of Enrichment for the David Ross Education Trust commented: “This is a really fantastic way to enrich students’ learning. Spending the day at parliament provided the opportunity for them to deepen their understanding of the parliamentary process, driving them to find out more about the history of our democracy.”